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Tupper Arts

Plan Your Week with Tupper Arts

Welcome to Tupper Arts! Stay up to date with us, and check out this week's exhibits, performances, and classes. See you soon!

Happening This Week

*NEW* Winter Yoga With Annie Frenette 

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5:30 PM

Starts on Tuesday 1/9

$15 Drop-in/ $50 5-Class Package

Tuesdays Vinyasa Flow: This 60-minute Yoga Flow will leave you feeling rejuvenated, connected, and grateful on and off the mat. We will begin with a simple warmup, move into a series of flowing sequences, and end with a gentle meditation in Savasana. Strengthen your entire body, and explore invigorating balancing and twisting postures that challenge and uplift. All classes will be accessible to all levels with proper modifications and props. 


Thursdays VinYin Flow: This 60-minute yoga flow will build heat in the first 40 minutes of class through a series of flowing sequences. We will cool down with a 20 minute Restorative Yin-focused sequence focusing on nervous system relaxation, deep stretching, and a gentle Savasana mediation.

More Info/Registration:

Tai Chi With Josy D
Move, breathe, and flow with this gentle, slow, no-impact form of exercise. Taiji Fit  is easy to do. Just follow along and do what you see. There is no right or left, no ri
ght or wrong. No sequences to learn. You can join in any session. Come try it!

Chakradance with Sue Delamarter

Chakradance led by Sue Delamarter is a healing movement practice. It’s a form of nourishment for your true self – for your soul. Moving to music specifically created to resonate with each chakra, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and re- connection. It offers a kind of liberation. It feels like coming home.

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